Leaders in Women’s Pelvic Cancer Care

University of Colorado Gynecologic Oncology delivers comprehensive, specialized and compassionate treatment options for women with gynecologic cancer—no matter the complexity of the case. We are the largest board-certified surgical gynecologic oncology group and the only National Comprehensive Cancer Network cancer care center in the state & surrounding region.

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Clinical Trials for Gynecologic Cancer

Clinical Trials & Research

As a research institution, University of Colorado Gynecologic Oncology is the only group in the state that conducts research and trials for women’s reproductive cancers.

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Cancer Survivorship Program

Cancer Survivorship Support

All cancer patients benefit from sharing their stories and experiences with fellow cancer survivors. CU Gynecologic Oncology provides our patients with the access to a voluntary survivor support group.

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Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

Should You Remove Your Ovaries?

Angelina Jolie’s recent decision to remove her ovaries was a result of elevated inflammatory markers in the blood, which could be an indicator of early ovarian cancer.

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