University of Colorado Gynecologic Oncologists

Numerous studies have shown that gynecologic cancer patients have better treatment outcomes and survival rates when they see a gynecologic oncologist, especially at the beginning of treatment.

We have a multidisciplinary team of women’s cancer specialists who are specialty trained in female reproductive cancers, and also backed by the expertise and vast resources of the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

University of Colorado Gynecologic Oncology Doctors

Meet our doctors:

Dr. Jaime Arruda

Jaime Arruda, MD

One of 5280 magazine's "Top Docs of 2014" in Denver, Dr. Arruda specializes in treating women's reproductive & gynecologic issues using robotic & minimally invasive surgeries.
Dr. KIAN BEHBAKHT, University of Colorado Cancer Doctor

Kian Behbakht, MD

Treating women with reproductive and gynecologic cancers for more than 25 years, Dr. Behbakht specializes in robotic surgery & ovarian cancer treatment.
Bradley Corr, MD | CU Surgeon, Gynecologic Oncology

Bradley Corr, MD

Dr. Bradley Corr specializes in gynecologic cancers, treating women with ovarian, cervical, vaginal & other reproductive cancers with CU's Gynecologic Oncology team.
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Saketh Guntupalli, MD

Dr. Guntupalli provides patient-centered care for women with gynecologic cancer and pre-cancer, specializing in minimally invasive surgery.
Carolyn Lefkowits, MD | Colorado Cancer Surgeon

Carolyn Lefkowits, MD, MPH, MS

CU Gynecologic Oncologist Dr. Lefkowits is board certified in hospice & palliative care specializing in surgical oncology for women's reproductive cancers.

Meet our fellows: