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Do I Need a Gynecologic Oncologist?

What is a gynecologic oncologist?

A gynecologic oncologist is a specialty gynecologist trained in oncology (the medical field that deals with tumors and cancer), who diagnoses, treats and performs surgery on cancers of the female reproductive organs. In addition to a four-year obstetrician and gynecology residency, gynecologic oncologists (Gyn-Oncs) also undergo two to four more years of specialty training.

Who should see a gynecologic oncologist?

Women should see a gynecologic oncologist if their general gynecologist has diagnosed that precancerous cells may exist. In addition, women who have been diagnosed with the following cancers or conditions should consider seeing a gynecologic oncologist for treatments and diagnoses:

Advantages of gynecological oncologist care

Identifying the precise stage of cancer can become a matter of life and death for some patients. Gynecologic oncologists are the best-trained physicians to perform surgical staging. Staging is the method by which physicians classify the cancer stage in the pelvis during the actual surgical procedure.

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