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Finding Intimacy After Ovarian Cancer

After moving to Colorado, Anne met Dr. Guntupalli who did what other doctors said was too difficult, treating her ovarian cancer that was quickly spreading. Once in remission she and her husband, Chuck, needed to find a new normal to have an intimate relationship.

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With Ovarian Cancer, Don’t Waste a Moment

A Colorado resident with a fitness routine that probably puts yours to shame, Amy noticed a mass around her hips midway through her active summer season. She was referred to Dr. Guntupalli and a next-day appointment meant testing and treatment for ovarian cancer.

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First-Grade Teacher Never Stopped Fighting Ovarian Cancer

Nothing about Angela’s ovarian cancer was easy, including aggressive treatment with Dr. Guntupalli involving chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Throughout her journey she refused to fall into self-pity as she fought her way into remission.

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Textbook Cancer Treatment: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Closing in on her 60th birthday, Alice reckoned that her unusually heavy vaginal bleeding might finally signal her last period. As a fit, healthy mother of two, Alice didn’t expect anything more serious going on than a long last period before menopause. But that wasn’t it.