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Gynecologic Oncology Nurses & Staff

Nancy McKee, business services manager

Nancy McKee possesses a deep knowledge of this specialty, because she has been working with gynecologic oncologists for over 23 years. Nancy knows that a cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult and challenging life experiences that someone can go through. And she considers it a privilege to support the physicians and staff as they walk with patients during their journey, providing exceptional care and support.

Nancy is very proud of her family, and enjoys spending her spare time with them, as well as reading, quilting and studying genealogy.

Becky Baez, administrative assistant and surgery scheduler

From the moment patients call in for an appointment to when they have their surgery or start their treatment, Becky is there to help them. Becky speaks fluent Spanish and assists our Latino patients in that regard. She is proud to work on what she calls “the best team,” where the doctors know the latest in gynecologic oncology treatment and are willing to think outside of the box.

In her spare time, Becky sings in her church choir, cheers on the Chicago Bears and is learning how to cook. Becky is most proud of her family.

Johanna Hansen, return patient scheduler

Johanna has been a part of the team since 2015. While she has not been affiliated with healthcare for the majority of her professional career, she contributes a multitude of experience in her position supporting the coordination of care for return patients. Being in a front-line role has allowed her to utilize her vast base of customer relations skills and business etiquette. This helps her ensure a harmonious experience so patients don’t need to worry about navigating any inconveniences throughout their care.

She takes great pride in being a part of such a collegial group of providers, nurses, researchers and support staff that continues to motivate her interest in this medical specialty and support her growth within the team. Johanna truly believes in treating the whole patient, which is a hallmark of Gynecologic Oncology’s approach to care.

Johanna is a jack-of-all-trades and owns a hairdressing business that she actively runs in her spare time. When the opportunity arises, she enjoys spending time with her family, puppy and friends. She’s a true adventure seeker, traveler and cooking enthusiast, pursuits that bring a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude to her everyday life.

Joan Suzuki Hart, MSW, LSW, OSW-C

Joan is a licensed social worker certified in oncology by the Association of Oncology Social Work. She has been a social worker for over 30 years, specializing in oncology, home health, and in hospice and palliative care for more than 15 years. Joan was one of 62 oncology social workers nationwide who participated in the 2014/15 Association of Oncology Social Work’s Project to Assure Quality Care. She currently holds two UCH President’s Awards. Joan loves working with the dedicated, multi-disciplinary team that provides the best care possible and supports women through their cancer diagnosis and treatment. She finds her work extremely challenging and rewarding and is honored to serve patients daily.

In her spare time Joan enjoys family, cooking, gardening, being outdoors and observing wildlife in natural habitat, which is very centering and revitalizing for her. Her most recent trip took her to the West Coast where she observed in awe the largest confluence of whales near Monterey in over 200 years. Her dream is to visit Africa to see giraffes, elephants and lions in the wild.

Maria Kelley, BSN, RN, OCN

Maria Kelley has a bachelor of science in nursing, is a registered nurse and a Reiki practitioner as well. She chose the field of gynecologic oncology because of the amazing doctors that she is able to work alongside. Maria also has a passion for providing kindness, compassion and care to both her patients and their families. She pays close attention to how she treats people, which is especially important when working with cancer patients.

Maria is fluent in both English and Spanish, which helps her provide care and explanation to patients of many different ethnicities. Maria’s patients know that no matter how many times they call with questions and concerns, even if it’s just to talk about the stress of living with cancer, she will do whatever she can because her heart is in it.

Sarabertha Lenz, patient affairs coordinator

Sarabertha transferred to gynecologic oncology from Phase I/GI Oncology clinic. She enjoys helping new patients and making them feel more comfortable and calm about their situation. Many of her patients have expressed their gratitude for the extra help she provides during their difficult time. Sarabertha speaks Spanish fluently which is a great addition to the team. She is pleased that patients and doctors appreciate the way that she treats them.

In her spare time, Sarabertha enjoys cooking, gardening and traveling. Most recently she visited Mount Rushmore and has been to the top of both Pike’s Peak and Mount Evans. She has made many friends in the hospital and brings a smile and hug to those she meets.

Sara Morena, RN, BSN, OCN

Sara is an oncology certified nurse (OCN) with more than eight years of experience in the field. Sara serves patients with compassion and concern, taking pride in her ability to connect with patients during one of the most difficult obstacles in their life. She enjoys building relationships with patients, providing knowledge, support, encouragement and – whenever possible – bringing a smile to their face.

If there is one thing to know about Sara, it is that she thoroughly enjoys her work with patients and the entire Gynecologic Oncology team ­–– the researchers, physicians, support staff and her fellow nurses. She also feels honored to have the opportunity to help and work with patients and their families through the difficult journey that is associated with the diagnosis of cancer. She also likes being able to be an advocate for the patients and to support them throughout their care.

Sara is originally a Texas native. She’s been married for more than 10 years and is the happy mother of two young girls and two dogs. When not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors camping, hiking and playing softball, or listening to live music and reading.

Margaret Sheehan, BSN, RN, OCN

Margaret Sheehan is a certified oncology nurse and has been working in gynecologic oncology for 10 years. She is a Sigma Theta Tau honors nurse and serves on the Board of the Society of Gynecologic Nurse Oncologists and contributes regularly by speaking at national events. Margaret is drawn to gynecologic oncology because of the common human connection. She likes the idea of fully supporting women during their pelvic healthcare and treatment. She appreciates the opportunity to build a bond with the women affected by cancer and support them during their happy moments, their sad and their truthful moments.

Margaret says the most fun, rewarding and smile-worthy moments are when she connects on a personal level with patients. The best part about her day on the job is having real interactions with women and discussing important health aspects with them, including chemotherapy, pre/post-procedure education, routine gynecologic care, prevention, at-risk patients, and surveillance of gynecologic cancers.

Outside of the practice, Margaret is a mother of an active young boy who is involved in lots of activities and sports. She also volunteers at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School in Park Hill. In her free time Margaret enjoys skiing, reading non-fiction, tending to her vegetable garden, spending her winter weekends at Beaver Creek/Avon, and spending her summers outdoors. Margaret also spends time with her home business. She is a Diamond Beachbody Coach and enjoys Shakeology, the benefits of clean eating, and the importance of maximizing your health and wellness.

Most people wouldn’t guess that Margaret struggles with her own women’s health issues and that helps her relate to her patients. Other interesting Margaret facts are that she hasn’t had cable for many years, she prefers documentaries to regular movies, and she loves homemade unsweetened ice tea.

University of Colorado Gynecologic Cancer Specialists | Denver